Consulting & Technology

Consulting - To meet, analyse and implement those solutions to your problems. The ones you know about and the ones you don't yet.

Technology - To provide the most efficient and cost effective means to solve those problems either in house or externally.


Our team of specialised property consultants have over 30 years experience in every aspect of the property market. From development and sales, investment and home purchase, to management companies and agents, they are best placed to advise and assist you with any questions or problems you are currently experiencing.



Consisting of former property managers and agents, our team handle the management of entire blocks of apartments or estates. Collecting management fees, handling creditors such as landscaping, insurance and waste management. Let us quote you our price for running your management company to replace your current agent.


Our team of property managers also have vast experience dealing with property funds, banks and investors. If you have or are interested in buying or selling investment property, or are a business looking to rent, we are best placed to help you secure that lease or negotiate your finance.


Our team of highly trained estate agents can secure buyers or units for sale for properties in every industry of every size. We can secure new tenants, negotiate rent, act as rent receiver or sell, whether it is one residential apartment or several hundred, commercial or industrial units or estates. Our team can take care of it all.


Our team has years of experience building residential houses and apartments, extensions and conservatories, industrial and commercial units. No job is too big or too small. If you are building from scratch or need to finish a job, our team is confident they can help you achieve your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. An estimate costs nothing.

Current Projects

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Icarus - Web based property asset monitoring software.

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Finite Mail - Web based text encryption and decryption software.

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Library - Web based data collection, collating and analysing.

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Caesar - Web based customer management platform.

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