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The Icarus project uses the latest online mapping API to provide you with the ability to monitor your entire property portfolio and track a customisable field of information to suit your specific needs. Your information is securely encrypted with a rotating encryption key with offsite backup.

- The basic version of Icarus uses OpenMaps to keep costs to a minimum but can be upgraded to Bing or Google maps to provide satellite imagery if required.

- Your information is stored using 256 bit encryption on a 32 bit case sensitive alphanumeric key which is rotated to provide the cutting edge in information security.

- Access to your information is geo-coded so that only computers in your offices can login to view or edit it.

- All information fields are customisable to track the information you specifically need such as property prices, insurance history, ownership groups.

- Output of your information is also fully customisable to provide you with the summaries, graphs and charts that you require as often as you need them.

Current Projects

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Icarus - Web based property asset monitoring software.

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Finite Mail - Web based text encryption and decryption software.

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Library - Web based data collection, collating and analysing.

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Caesar - Web based customer management platform.

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