Consulting & Technology

Consulting - To meet, analyse and implement those solutions to your problems. The ones you know about and the ones you don't yet.

Technology - To provide the most efficient and cost effective means to solve those problems either in house or externally.


Our advertised portfolio currently consists of 4 base level web based programs to enable you to track assets, encrypt your messages, store/retrieve your information securely and secure data gathering. These programs are fully customisable and can be tailored to suit your individual preferences and requirements. By building these systems in the cloud, we remove the need to intrude on your business to perform installation or maintenance, minimise any potential downtime and can upgrade or amend the programs in realtime from our own offices. Beyond these readily available programs, our team can custom build any software you or your company may require.


The Icarus program uses online mapping software to let you save, monitor and update all property assets and information that you require about that property, which you hold in an easy to access but completely secure system.

Finite Mail

The finite mail program is, at its most basic, a text encryption and decryption system. The difference between this and ordinary encryption protocols is that the encryption algorythm rotates every 24 hours at midnight GMT. This means your messages expire and can never be retrieved.


The Library program is a custom built web based encrypted database. The information you use day to day can be transferred, saved, updated and amended as often as you need to through the web page meaning the only requirement is an internet connection to conduct your business. Actively backed up and rotating encryption keep it secure.


Caesar is a web based Customer Service management program. Allowing your staff to save, update and access their client information online, while allowing you to see an overview of all client information in one easy to use, but extremely secure online environment.

Current Projects

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Icarus - Web based property asset monitoring software.

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Finite Mail - Web based text encryption and decryption software.

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Library - Web based data collection, collating and analysing.

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Caesar - Web based customer management platform.

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