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Caesar is a customised client management software program. Providing online access to a secured and encrypted database. It allows your company to add, track, update and share customer information among your authorised staff to provide the most up to date customer experience while allowing management to oversee all aspects of client interaction.

- Your information is stored using 256 bit encryption on a 32 bit case sensitive alphanumeric key which is rotated to provide the cutting edge in information security.

- Access to your information is geo-coded so that only computers in your offices can login to view or edit it.

- All information fields are customisable to track the information you specifically need such as assets, liabilities, ownership groups, debt levels, turnover, histories.

- Output of your information is also fully customisable to provide you with the summaries, graphs and charts that you require as often as you need them.

Current Projects

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Icarus - Web based property asset monitoring software.

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Finite Mail - Web based text encryption and decryption software.

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Library - Web based data collection, collating and analysing.

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Caesar - Web based customer management platform.

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